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This book will be my next adventure.


BOOK REVIEW--Dianna rated it 5 of 5 stars—Goodreads.com

“I adore paranormal mystery novels. I had heard about Secrets in the Shallows and was able to read the prologue. That sold me immediately and there was not a moment of hesitation in buying and tearing into this phenomenal novel. Think you have it figured out or even what may happen next? You don't. But you will never be so happy that there are two authors with such brilliance and knowledge of the human psyche. The book is not meant to trick you, but seize your attention as you are willingly led deeper into a story of fiction that seems so real. This book will absolutely scare you, but don't expect cheap thrills. This separates it from so many other horror/mystery novels. The authors respect the reader and the reader's intelligence. At no time is 'the call coming from inside the house'. The words are coming from the authors and truly enter and seamlessly play out in the theatre of your mind.” (less)

PROLOGUE--Dense fog blanketed the canopy of autumn trees arrayed in a myriad of yellows, oranges, and reds. From the distance, ghostly wails from a foghorn resounded throughout the valley. Its melancholy sound sliced through the silent evening air as its vibrations crept up the lighthouse’s spiral staircase. In the lantern room at the top, the Fresnel stood sentinel, rotating endlessly and casting its beam of light out onto the water. Anchored in the bay below, lobster boats gently rocked back and forth in the surf while the ominous storm clouds encroach upon them.
A large black crow landed on the shoulder of a marble statue of the blessed Mother Mary standing watch over the monastery lawn. Dangling from the sacred maternal hands, a long strand of rosary beads swung back and forth in the coming storm’s steady breeze. Loud cawing emanated from the bird’s black beak as it spread its wings and flapped them vigorously. The feathered hunter took only a moment to study its surroundings before flying away to find a safe haven from the storm.
Rumblings of thunder filled the air as several streaks of lightning clashed with the ocean in the distance. Light winds began to swell and howl while passing by the beautifully arched monastery windows. Raindrops steadily tapped on the colored panes of glass, echoing throughout the corridors as the storm began its decent upon the campus.
Suddenly, another loud booming noise erupted as the monastery door was thrust open by a nun frantically fleeing from the entrance. Dressed in a dark burgundy habit, she ran down the front steps flailing her arms and screaming, “NO! Get away from me!”
Only seconds behind, a taller nun in a black habit clutching a short-handled battle ax with gloved hands while chasing after the escaping sister. The dark figure slipped on the wet grass while scurrying after the nun as she fled. Regaining her footing, the nun in black continued to pursue the fleeing prey as rain began to come down in torrents.
The frantic one ran for her life into the woods as her screams for help disappeared into the wind like smoke on a winter gale. Her burgundy habit flared out behind her as she tried to escape. Evergreen branches slapped her face and scratched her arms as she tried to elude her pursuer. The nun’s only goal was to find a safe place to hide.
As the terrorized woman ran through the woods, a low-lying branch caught her headpiece, exposing her long, beautiful blonde hair now being drenched in rainwater. Looking back through the blinding sheets of rain, she was lost in a sea of branches and tree trunks. Turning to run again, she immediately slammed into her stalker. Tears burst from her big blue eyes as a look of absolute terror came upon her.
“Please let me go! What do you want with me?!”
The ghastly nun peered into her eyes with disgust and grabbed her arm so hard that she could feel the nails claw into her skin. Desperate to get away, the smaller nun tried to wrench her arm free, but could not escape from the dark nun’s grasp.
In a vile, hissing voice, the assailant ordered, “Get down on your knees.”
Panicking, the nun pleaded,. “NO! Please don’t do this! I am innocent! I have a family who loves me. I have done nothing to deserve this.” Falling to her knees with her palms pressed together in front of her, she begged, “Please, don’t hurt me!”
The dark nun hissed mockingly, “Deserve?!” Without hesitation, a gloved hand brutally slapped the nun’s cheek. “Shut up, Sister!”
Mud covered the side of her face as the nun fell. Her long blond hair splayed onto the wet ground. Frantically attempting to get up, the final thing the frightened nun saw was a sharpened battle-ax blade swinging toward her. The look of complete panic was locked on her face as her head landed on the ground. Her wide-opened eyes blinked twice as her mouth voiced a silent protest. Her lifeless body slumped in the mud and landed beside it. Deep red blood spilled out from her severed neck into rain puddles all around her.
Deliberately, the murderer trudged through the mud to where the nun’s habit hung loosely on the branch of a gnarled old tree. Lifting it up in the rain, the killer inspected the headpiece for any tears before shoving it into a large pocket. Still holding the bloodied ax, the murderer turned to look at the victim one last time, then slipped silently through the trees and faded away into the shadows.
Somewhere in the dark of night, restless eyes twitched erratically beneath their slumbering lids. An eerie moan slipped between the chapped lips of its confinement. In the dreamer’s mind, a rising wail of anguish rose to join with a booming clap of thunder. Violently, the figure bolted from bed as a white flash of lightening drove the shadows from the room and momentarily blinded the once-sleeping eyes.


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