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I am a seer, remote viewer and a past life reader. I am a "no tool" reader. I focus on your energy you are sending me. I was born with this gift and I did not realize it until I was in my upper thirties. This gift was handed down from my mother who was also a reader. What opened my abilities was pursuing in the paranormal field. I began to connect with the other side through electronic voice phenomena and I started having visions and hearing my spirit guide. As my gift progressed I learned how to remote view and was able to place myself into places I had never been before. Time was not an issue with this new ability. As I progressed, I began to be able to see past lives of individuals and through these past lives I was shown that a persons past life would repeat itself in one way or another. Either through special interests in objects or abilities from their past life that may have happen in your current life. I am shown from the other side important information that connects with your loved ones and words that ment very much during their time they spent with you. My readings will help you grow and guide you through your journey that is planned for you.

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